Resources for Students

Resources for Students

Schools play an important role in helping to reduce the spread of the virus. Many public and private schools, colleges, and universities are currently closed and are converting to online learning formats. All campus clubs and organizations have been advised to cancel or postpone meetings, or hold them online when possible.

All San Diego County public schools have closed effective March 16. Students are advised to contact their individual schools for information on how their specific campus is responding to the situation. Detailed information for the UC, CSU, and CCC systems can be found on their corresponding coronavirus response websites.

Students may visit the U.S. Department of Education webpage to learn more about how elementary schools, high schools, and higher education facilities are responding to the virus.

Students receiving federal financial aid should visit the Federal Student Aid webpage to learn about temporarily deferring monthly loan payments and several other financial aid eligibility updates and changes as a result of the virus. Federal student loan payments have been suspended through September 30, 2020 and all interest will be waived during this period. This is not applicable to private student loans.

The CDC encourages colleges to consider cancelling all international and study abroad programs, and to consider having all students currently participating in a study abroad program to return home. Any plan for returning study abroad students should be designed to protect against stigma and discrimination.

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