Resources for Seniors

Resources for Seniors

The Public Health Officer strongly recommends that all persons 65 years of age and older self-quarantine at home. Those with an increased risk for illness are encouraged to read about the CDC’s guidelines for protecting oneself.

Other resources from the CDC include guidance on how to prevent the spread of the virus in retirement communities and other independent living facilities, as well as information on stress management and coping tools for this time.

The State of California has also launched an initiative to check in on older and at-risk adults. More information and assistance, ways to stay connected and engaged, and resources for friends and family members caring for others during this time can be found on the Engage CA website.

Furthermore, the coronavirus pandemic may lead increased mental health concerns in seniors due to prolonged periods of isolation, which can affect overall health and wellbeing. For information on how the coronavirus can impact mental health and for tips on how to get support during the pandemic, visit Medicare Advantage’s guide to staying healthy and connected during COVID-19.

Older persons with specific questions or concerns may call the County’s Aging Hotline at 1-800-339-4661. Additionally, AARP is holding a series of coronavirus information virtual town halls.

Seniors in need of food are encouraged to utilize several different available resources. Seniors can:

Additionally, many local grocery stores have announced dedicated store hours for seniors, disabled people, and other vulnerable shoppers to get their shopping done in a less crowded store, lowering their risk of exposure to COVID-19. The following stores have adjusted hours:

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