Affordability, public safety and homelessness among priorities for elected leaders in 2024

January 26, 2024

Congressman Peters looks forward to the work ahead on housing affordability, stopping cross-border pollution, and tackling our nation’s debt.

Read more about it in this January 16th piece from the San Diego Union Tribune, posted below:

Affordability, public safety and homelessness among priorities for elected leaders in 2024

By Elizabeth Marie Himchak 

January 16, 2024

Public safety, especially from sexually violent predators and gun violence; affordability; homelessness and mental health issues are among priorities for the region’s elected leaders in 2024.

“Despite all the craziness, I’ve spent (2023) focused on the issues that matter most to San Diegans,” said Rep. Scott Peters, whose 50th Congressional District includes Rancho Bernardo and 4S Ranch.

He said he’s worked on legislation to fight homelessness and make housing more affordable, and to combat the climate crisis and lower energy prices. Other priorities have included tackling the nation’s debt, saving Social Security and putting an end to the cross-border wastewater pollution problem.

“Entering 2024, I am hopeful that we can turn over a new leaf and solve the hard problems facing our country,” Peters said. “I am committed to that cause and will be doing everything I can to make life just a little easier for people in San Diego.”

During Congress’ upcoming funding approval process to avoid a government shutdown, Peters said he will lobby for cross-border wastewater pollution funding.

“It will also be a chance for us to take a good look at the nation’s unsustainable debt trajectory and save Social Security and Medicare from their pending financial cliffs,” he said.

As for issues that pertain directly to San Diegans, Peters said he will push for passage of his Build More Housing Near Transit Act, which would incentivize dense housing construction along public transit routes.

“San Diego does not receive its fair share of federal funding to tackle homelessness — we have the eighth-largest homeless population, but only receive the 14th highest level of funding,” Peters said. “I am pushing the federal government to update the outdated and unfair formula it uses to allocate funds.”

San Diego’s coastal communities are on the front lines of the climate crisis as they weather increasingly harsh storms and erosion, he said.

“I will … work to make it easier to transition to the clean energy technologies we need to combat climate change,” Peters said. “I will also push for my legislation that develops a national strategy to adapt to climate risks like rising sea levels.”

Peters said he also plans to advance legislation that provides funding and opportunities for expanded childcare options, especially for parents who work jobs with non-standard work hours, like police officers.



Peters called “one of the more statesmanlike of our elected representatives”

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