San Diego Congressman Scott Peters reflects on Nancy Pelosi’s leadership

November 21, 2022

Read Congressman Peters’ thoughts on Nancy Pelosi’s history-making service and her powerful leadership style in this November 17th piece from ABC 10 News, posted below:

San Diego Congressman Scott Peters reflects on Nancy Pelosi’s leadership

By Jeff Lasky

November 17, 2022

ABC 10News caught up with San Diego Congressman Scott Peters Thursday, just a few hours after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that she would step down from her leadership post in the next Congress.

“I just have such respect for what she was able to accomplish… It’s really been a remarkably productive speakership and leadership by Nancy Pelosi,” Peters (D-Ca. 52nd district) said.

Peters says Pelosi’s effectiveness is not just about her legislative accomplishments, which include healthcare reform and infrastructure spending. He says Pelosi had a skillful way of working with Democrats from all wings of her party.

“What really you have to appreciate that made her successful is she knows everybody in the caucus. She knows where we’re from, what we care about. She knew about San Diego issues that were important to me,” Peters says. “That’s how she was able to keep everyone together… She always understood that the majority was made in the swing districts. She was a San Francisco liberal, but she often pushed back against the more leftward side of our party in an effort to make sure that we could win those seats in the middle of the county and the middle of the political spectrum.”

When asked how Pelosi acted behind the scenes to bring House Democrats together, Peters brought up the contentious issue of drug price reform. It’s an issue Pelosi had worked on for several years. When the bill finally came up in the spring of 2021, Peters led a handful of moderate Democrats to join Republicans to block it, citing concerns about a specific provision that he felt would unfairly limit biotech companies, many of which are located in his district.

Peters says Pelosi pushed on him hard to vote yes.

“She’s a pretty, pretty tough person… She has a very warm smile. She’s a very warm person, cares very deeply, particularly about children, but she’s not afraid to rattle your cage. I’ve been yelled at by her a couple of times and it’s kind of an interesting experience,” he says. “It’s hard saying ‘No, I’m not going to vote for this,’ because I had to say that a couple of times. And she brought the cavalry against me, and I had to stand up against that. But ultimately, she’s really, really a tough person and when she wants something, she can usually figure out a way to get it.”

The two eventually found a compromise and the bill passed. It’s the kind of leadership Peters says Congress will miss, as will Pelosi’s home state.

“We Californians have to make sure we’re being represented. We’re losing a lot of heft in the departure of Nancy Pelosi from the leadership,” he says.



Peters called “one of the more statesmanlike of our elected representatives”

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